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Travel Vaccinations

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    Monday: 9am-6pm
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    Wednesday: 9am-6pm
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    Closed Saturday & Sunday

  • Childhood Immunisation

    We offer a full childhood immunisation programme. The schedule is as follows: 2 months - 6 in 1, PCV 4 months - 6 in 1, Men C 6 months - 6 in 1, Men C, PCV 12 months - MMR, PCV 13 months - MenC, Hib 4 - 5 years - 4 in 1, MMR

  • Consultations

    At Tower Medical we cover all aspects of patients care, All the doctors in the practice provide the usual GP services including, maternity care, treating minor injuries (including suturing) and routine health checks.


  • Travel Vaccinations

    If you are planning foreign travel, you should book a consultation well in advance about necessary vaccines, malaria prescriptions and other medical advice regarding your destinations. Requirements for any country can change according to various outbreaks. if you are unsure about anything, it is best to come and discuss this with our travel vaccination specialist doctor.