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Womens Health

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We offer a complete and comprehensive Womens Health Service, here at Tower Medical Centre.

This includes fertility advice, contraception advice, menopause advice, breast examinations, STIs and vaginal infections.

Contraception - Pills, Patch, Vaginal Ring, Implanon, Mirena/IUS, Copper Coil, Non Hormonal Coil, Injection, Emergency and Morning After Pill. Please click on to find out more.

Emergency contraception - The morning after pill can be taken for up to 5 days after unprotected sexual intercourse. The emergency copper coil is also available and can be inserted up to 5 days after unprotected sexual intercourse. Please seek medical advice regarding the best treatment option for yourself.

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    STI (sexually transmitted infections) screening - Screening and treatment including Cryotherapy.

    This involves a full STI screen for both men and women, including bloods and swabs and full treatment for STI's.

    Pregnancy care - Pregnancy testing. Advice on getting pregnant. Care during pregnancy up until delivery.
    Care post delivery.

    Menopause - Advice, investigation and treatment of symptoms.

    Cervical Smear testing.
    Cervical Check Programme –
    Please here to find out if your semar is due


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Pregnancy and Maternity Care Programme
The HSE Mother and Infant Scheme provides and agreed programme of care for expectant mothers and for your baby up to six weeks after delivery.

The scheme includes between six and seven antenatal visits during your pregnancy and a two week check for your baby and a six week check for you and your baby.
This combined care is given by the doctors and nurse here and an obstetrician.

The Maternity and Infant Care Scheme please click here for more information Typically your schedule of ante natal care will be divided up as follows, (however, this can be modified by your GP and / or Obstetrician).
Please bring a urine sample to all of your antenatal appointments.